Tuesday, October 5, 2010

31 for 21, Day 5: Myth buster #1

I've seen other mom bloggers taking myths that are said about people that have Down syndrome and  showing how they are not true.  (I will try and find them soon and link them here.)  The common myths can be found at the NDSS site. I was thinking about this and loved the idea, but thought I'd do a little spin on it and make up my own myths.  After all there are so many of them out there aren't there? 

One in particular has stuck with me for along time.  I think I might have mentioned it in a past posting.  "They (referring to child with Down syndrome) are stubborn."  Ironically I've had a couple of professionals tell me this.  And I use the word "they" because this is exactly how it was said to me. What Maya was doing at the time, only seemed like something any toddler would do.  After all what toddler likes to take medicine or drink pedialyte? What toddler likes to sit and do exactly as you want them to for 45 minutes straight?  I like to think that these people weren't trying to be rude but what they said seemed like a label put on my daughter for no other reason except the fact that she has Down syndrome. 

Now I'm not saying that Maya isn't stubborn, because she sure can be at times.  But she is an individual and has her own quirks about her, not because she has Down syndrome but because she is Maya. Maybe it's just me because I don't have other children to compare 24/7 but Maya seems to have as much stubborn as any other 2 1/2 year old.  Mind you it sure doesn't help that both her parents could very well be considered stubborn as well.

I leave you with a fun photo I took of Maya today.  She was having a ball under the parachute at our mom's group.  I hope it makes you smile.


Becca said...

It TOTALLY made me smile! hehehe
Samantha is rediculously stubborn, and while I hear so many other people speak of their own kids with Ds as being stubborn, I never know if it's the Ds or just kids. I've seen plenty of "typical" kids out and about who are just as stubborn, so I'm inclined to believe it's a kid-thing.

Michelle said...

LOL - I'll say the same thing - Matthew can be quite stubborn too. Don't know what brings it on - the kid or the DS, but it's there! :)

evrfwd said...

You know the more I think about it the more I think our kids have to be stubborn...I mean look at the way they have to work so hard to get where they are. I also think that they are very smart and know exactly what they want! =)

Megan said...

I've heard a similar thing: that "they" don't do well with change. I hear this comment in my head sometimes and think that Gwyneth having Ds explains her stubbornness. But then I remember how I've always resisted change also, so she must just inherit it from me! :)