Saturday, October 16, 2010

31 for 21, Day 16: Techie Gurl

Lately I've noticed that Maya is becoming more and more techie.  We are generally pretty computer savvy people since both hubby and I have made our living using a computer.   I didn't use a computer until I was in my third year in undergrad.  Maya on the other hand has been exposed to using an itouch, ipad and a laptop since she was able to sit up. 

When Maya was younger (12-15 months) we had a hard time teaching her how to use her fingers, how to point and how to push buttons.  One night we were fooling around with the iphone and sure enough she started to point her index finger to push the virtual buttons.  It was a breakthrough!   I just can't knock technology when I think about that moment.  There are so many ways that we use the ipad, from watching Signing Time videos to learning to count (Toddler Counting).  Honestly the list goes on and on. 

Our speech therapist also bought an ipad and uses it with many of her clients.  She loves finding new apps for us to encourage Maya to speak.  This week she was showing us a new app that uses a animated cat (Talking Tom) to repeat anything you say.  Maya actually was trying to vocalize because of it.  I literally was laughing and crying at the same time.  It was so much fun!

Below is a video of Maya on that very evening when she discovered cause and effect using her little index finger.

Counting, Oct 16, 2010

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