Saturday, October 2, 2010

31 for 21, Day 2: a trip to the zoo

A few days ago Maya and I met up with our moms/kid meetup group for a fun morning at the zoo.  Well I thought it would be fun, but here in Arizona it's still a little on the hot side.  Weather forecast was for 108 that day, but I figure we would get there early and hopefully not fry.  Many of the kids in the group are a Maya's age or a little younger.  And much of the last 8 months I've seen my friend's kids flourish and excel in many ways.  Most of them are walking and talking.  I have felt a little left behind  in a way because Maya was not at the same place.  But as you know Maya is now walking full time.  She's still tripping and learning to walk in different environments, but she is walking.   I suppose I had it in my mind that we would go to the zoo because now Maya can join in with all her friends.  It really does change the dynamics of things when they can get around.

When we got there it was already starting to warm up and of course Maya didn't want to ride in her stroller or walk.  She wanted me to carry her.  Arrrggg!  I find that she clings to me when she is overwhelmed with the environment.  That's OK but she is growing and getting heavy...and it was  warm so I was getting tired quick.  Luckily a couple of the moms brought their wagons.  Oh what a life saver that was.  I placed her in the wagon and she immediately was happy.  It was so cute to see her being pulled around (by one of the other kids no less).  She was pretty content just sitting there and fooling around with the water bottle in the wagon.  It was really funny but she didn't care to look at any of the animals, she just wanted to ride in the wagon.  I came to the realization that she's just not into looking at animals that are far off.  Now if you get her in a petting zoo well that's a whole different story. 

Anyway we didn't last very long at the zoo, but I am looking forward to going back with her more often.  I found out later the zoo actually has a petting area. That's something to look forward to.

Honestly the best part about the whole experience was Maya and that wagon.  Not to mention watching how Maya and the other kids interacted with each other.  At one of the stops I took Maya out to look at the tigers and when we were done and ready to move on, the little girl that was pulling the wagon turned to Maya and said, "Maya in wagon."  She waited patiently while I placed her in the wagon and then off they went.


Michelle said...

I kinda remember that stage and I'm pretty sure that's when we bought our wagons too! He was much happier in that than a stroller!
So glad you had fun! Did you play in the splash zones some?

Anonymous said...

Gabe LOVED the wagon! It was a good transitional piece from the stroller. I recently gave our wagon away to one of Gabe's classmates, and I have to admit that I do miss it.

Anyway, I love the pics! And Maya's hair style is so chic!♥