Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Amazing Maya in 2014

Here's my first post of the year 2015.  I've been wanting to write for months now, my usual excuses hang over my head, not enough time to sit down and write.  There has been so much going on in the later half of 2014 that I've been wanting to share.  Maya has been making amazing strides and accomplishments.  Most of the time I post these things on facebook but I know some of our family isn't connected to facebook. 

Number one and foremost on my list of milestones is that Maya is potty trained.  This is major!  I am so very proud of Maya and so relieved that this day is finally here. Without going into too much detail I'll say that it's been a long and winding road and that it wasn't for lack of trying that Maya didn't get potty trained sooner.  She was just not ready.  No matter what my girl teaches me patience. Even when I'm clawing and screaming I have nowhere I can go except to wait patiently.  The day is finally here and I am one proud mama!

In Maya's words, "We did it!"

It's sounds so weird but this is one of Maya's greatest accomplishments in 2014!  Everyday I thank the stars that Maya got it!

Other amazing accomplishments: 

Maya goes to bed on her own.  This means, following our usual routine of bath, pjs, reading, brushing and storytime, Maya will walk to her little bed on her own.  I tuck her in and she says "good night mom, I love you, sweet dreams."  It's a glorious thing and it came as a surprise to me.   This might not seem like a great big accomplishment but it's a wonderful thing not having to rock her to sleep and then carry her to bed.  I do miss my cuddles with her but I'm so glad my little girl is growing up.

Maya is talking more and more.   Some of Maya's favorite things to say are: "home sweet home!" "happy holidays!" "You ok?" "We did it!" "I'm Maya." "no school!".  I should disclose that unless you absolutely know what she is trying to say you might not get it.  Articulation is still an issue, but I'm glad that she is starting to express the person that she is. It's nice to see her personality developing.  Language is by far one of the best ways to know someone.  And it's been one of my main concerns and quite honestly a big struggle.  She's not able to carry on a conversation, but Maya is slowly starting to be more vocal and has an amazing memory for names.  She knows all her classmate's  and teacher's names.  She says "Thank you" and "your welcome" most of the time and her teacher reported that she also says thank you for the kids at school. 

When it came to the holidays this year, Maya was really into Christmas songs.  This was a big development over last year.  She also loved opening up all the presents this year and didn't stop at just hers.  It was fun to see her face, when she opened the gifts.  She even kissed a few gifts, which was really cute.  After opening each gift she said thank you to everyone who gave them.

She's never said this but I do think that Halloween is Maya's favorite holiday.  She really enjoys going up to everyone's door and saying trick or treat.  Maya doesn't like sweets, candy or chocolate, but she very much enjoys the spirit of Halloween by dressing up as a firefighter and getting her share of treats.  I'm very grateful for the friendship of one of Maya's past respite provider.  Every year she comes out to trick or treat with Maya.  It truly makes Halloween a special time.

Other things that deserve mention are, Maya's willingness to try and climb up the playground equipment with guidance (before she was terrified),  standing on the scale when being weighed at the doctor's office, turning book pages on her own,  drinking out of a cup, eating tortilla chips (a new food),  helps with chores.  These are the little things that might go unnoticed to some but they make a big difference to me.

That's all for now.  I know it's a long post but very much overdue.

The adventure continues...