Thursday, October 7, 2010

31 for 21, Day 7: Myth Buster #2

To all those who might think that a child with Down syndrome won't catch up to their peers. That "they" will never be like others...Here's something to watch.

Maya banged up her knee this week for the very first time. She was trying to use the steps to get to the slide. All her other friends were climbing up and Maya decided to join in. That is the first time she has ever tried to step up on her own without hesitation. She didn't make it but I am so proud that she tried.

I do believe that she will catch up to them, she just needs a little time. And perhaps she will need a little extra help or a different way of approaching the challenge. As long as we keep trying, the possibilities are endless.

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Becca said...

Oh, mazeltov, Maya!! Yep, that very first skinned knee is a proud moment for us, indeed! I'm glad she made such a brave attempt. I'm sure there will be many more. :-)