Friday, August 20, 2010

whispering hope ranch

a few weekends ago we went to a wonderful retreat with maya.  thanks to an anonymous donor and the local down syndrome network we were able to enjoy this amazing ranch.   whispering hope ranch provides a place for special needs children and their families to enjoy the outdoors and the opportunity to interact with various animals. 

this was our first experience being in the wilderness with maya.   i was quite impressed with maya's ability adapt to her surroundings.  i think her favorite animals were the donkey and little baby goat.  and for the first time she really got into the crafts.  i could see that she was more patient and focused.  as a family we did things that we don't often do, like eat s'mores around the campfire and go to the playground together.  i am very grateful for this wonderful experience, it was a well needed retreat from our normal, hectic lives. 

entrance to whispering hope ranch
maya petting the baby goat
kiss, kiss!
artist at work
walking across the bridge
going for a walk