Thursday, November 1, 2012

Step up walk and the end of a good month.

Nov 1st.  Officially the day after the 31 for 21 challenge.  I didn't get to blog the whole month as I've done previous, so I thought I'd try and catch up while I can.  I want to tell you that this last month was a good month.  For October the last couple of years both Maya and I have gotten sick with colds and allergies.  This October we both did really well.  As for writing the 31 days for 21, well I did miss a few days here and there.  It's the way it is now.  Maya keeps me busy as ever. 

I'm always thankful for those moms that can write on their blog everyday.  It keeps the story going.  It keeps us connected.  So I'm hoping that I don't drop off the blogging scene too much like I did the last year.  I'm hoping to keep anyone who reads this, no matter how few, connected to Maya. After all I started this blog for our family and friends who wanted to know how she was doing.

For all my friends and family that know about our little Step Up for Down Syndrome walk in October (formally called the buddy walk), you know many of us work to raise money for our local organization. We walk in the ASU homecoming parade and show our pride in people that have Down syndrome. It's a great way to bring awareness. This year Maya's Dream team had 17 people walking the parade with her. It was so wonderful to have them join us.

Last year Maya had some struggles at the walk, but this year she did so much better. Despite the noise and all the distractions, she didn't reach her breaking point. Christina, Maya's respite/hab provider was there to support her. She came on her own and brought a friend. It really brought out the best in Maya. I've said it before Maya and Christina have this little sister, big sister thing going on. She can encourage Maya in ways that no one else can. Even though Maya was in sensory overload she worked through it and we were able to walk the entire parade with our team. We even stayed after and watched the rest of the parade.

I'll say it again and and again. I am so grateful for all the support my friends and family give me. Whether it's to come out once a year to walk with us, have play dates with Maya or just give a little money to the Down Syndrome Network, it means so much. It means that they see Maya for who she is, a fun little girl, my daughter, a person who happens to have Down syndrome. They support me on this journey in ways that I can not even describe. I am very blessed.

Maya's Dream Team