Friday, October 29, 2010

31 for 21, Day 29: Book Signing

Maya and I went to our first book signing together.  I was so excited to have Jagatjoti Khalsa sign our I'm Down with You, book!  Maya was really very patient the whole time and she was hugging quite a few people tonight.  We hung out in the kids section after and Maya found a shaker she couldn't let go of.  It was really cute the way she was walking around the entire bookstore with that shaker.

If you haven't been able to check this book out I highly recommend it.  I posted earlier about the documentary that Jagatjoti is working on, but the book is available now.  When I first opened the book I was amazed by the stunning photography.  All those gorgeous faces so elegantly captured.  I haven't been able to read any of the text yet but I'm sure it is well written also.

Please do check out his site,

Jagatjoti signing Maya's book.

Maya says she's gonna me in the next book.  =)

Hanging out.

Thanks to Lily for loaning her pom pom. Maya loved it.


Becca said...

So jealous!! How wonderful! He's incredibly talented. I'm looking forward to getting his book, too.

Anonymous said...

Just fabulous!!! I'm jealous too!

Jo, the last pic of Maya with Jagatjoti is beautiful!