Tuesday, June 26, 2007

this fleeting moment

everyone wants to be loved
yet we fear sharing our hearts.
once we get hurt, it's automatic,
a barrier appears to shield us
from falling once again.

what i don't understand is why the ones
you love aren't the ones you end up with?

the ones you feel are right for you
just aren't the ones that will stay.

this is perplexing.
perhaps a riddle inside this universe
that many of us won't be able to solve.

are we looking in the wrong place?
outside of ourselves, instead of in?
at the end i would think we might
realize that all of this is an illusion.
perhaps even the "i", we thought was "me".

what we think we want, only is a fantasy
and what we have now, at this moment,
as fleeting as it is, is the real thing...
the only thing that matters in time.