Wednesday, June 24, 2009

inspiring swimmer and advocate

check out this video from the today show on, it features Karen Gaffney and her inspiring story of swimming across lake tahoe.

she is also president of the karen gaffney foundation dedicated to full inclusion in schools, communities and the workplace for people with Down syndrome.

Monday, June 22, 2009

potty training

there is so much to write of late. but the thing i'm most excited about is the potty training we are doing. this might be the only place i can really write down how excited i am about maya's progress. =)

one day around her 13th month we decided to start putting her on the toilet when we thought she was going potty (#2). so far maya seems to be taking well to the idea. she is almost always happy to be on her little potty seat on the big toilet. we always give her high fives when she does potty and sing her favorite songs when we are waiting. i started incorperating the sign, potty into her routine. shortly after that i noticed she started waving her little fist in the air when we asked her if she had to go. yay maya!

the most amazing thing is that around her 15 month we noticed that she started to sign potty even when having to go #1. how cool is that!

i'm convinced that by the time she is walking she will be totally potty trained. of course maya is not as enthusiastic about standing and cruising as potty training. but for now, i don't mind carrying her into the bathroom when she signs potty, even if it is a false alarm.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Vote for Brad!

Only five days left to help self advocate Brad Hennefer attend the All Star Game and earn a feature in People Magazine. Vote as many times as you like, voting ends on June 24th.

To vote for Brad, go to and click on the Philadelphia Phillies logo. Then click on Brad's picture.

this guy is an inspiration! not only does he play basketball but also golf. see more about the golf for life foundation.

The Brad Hennefer Golf for Life Foundation