Friday, October 8, 2010

31 for 21, Day 8: just playing

I wanted to post some more photos I took the other day.  I had a few minutes between therapies and took out my camera to snap some shots of Maya.  It felt like it had been a long while since I actually took out my "real" camera and focused it on her.   I especially wanted to take photos of her face because she is growing so quickly.  When she was smaller she would be more still for me and sometimes even smile on demand.  Now that she's been moving around so much (I'm not complaining at all) it's been more difficult to get a good shot of her.

We are often so busy with therapies and daily activities with our mom's group that sometimes I feel like I just don't get enough time to just chill out with Maya.  Any mom can attest to how busy motherhood is.  It seems we have to stay one step ahead of the game...from preparing food and snacks to managing the home front.  It's the busiest job I've ever had but also the best.

So here's Maya just playing, not at work, no agenda, no rush, just being in the moment.

The mad scientist
dance pose
itsy bitsy spider


Jim Cim said...

Man, Maya is looking great!


Anonymous said...

I just want to squish her! Oh J, she's adorably beautiful! You're right in taking these moments and making them last for as long as you can. Our kids wait for no one...they grow up too quickly!

Cheri said...

Your little Maya is just adorable!!