Tuesday, November 4, 2008

maya's first halloween

even though this a little late, i've decided to write a short segment about our halloween. this is maya's first halloween and although she will not remember it, i certainly will. there are some who may wonder why i took my daughter out on halloween, being that she is only 7 months old. i decided way before this day that i would do so because this is something in my childhood that i missed out on. for whatever reason i don't have many exciting memories of going trick or treating with my family. the one time i can remember going out was with my older brother. i remember most of our neighbors turned off the lights (retired folks) and the ones that didn't, well, let's just say i ended up with dinner mints in my bag.

i suppose i'm doing what all parents do, give their children the things that they never had. in my case the things that i missed out on were doing family events together like trick or treating or sitting together at dinner time. more than material goods, these moments are the ones that i really wish i could have experienced growing up. i'm hoping that i can give my daughter these kind of memories so that she can cherish them for a long time.