Sunday, October 3, 2010

31 for 21, Day 2: don't stop the music!

Friday night we went to a fundraising event.  It was a family friendly 24 hour concert to raise money to support music therapy services through Higher Octave Healing.  HOH works with ASU to provide music therapy to children and teens with developmental disabilities.  Maya gets her music therapy through HOH and we are very pleased with the work they do.  Unfortuntely the state has cut salaries for MTs that work with our kiddos.  So you can imagine many people in this field are struggling or leaving this line of work.  We went on Friday to lend our support to the therapist and students that will become therapist. 

What was so great about this whole experience was how much Maya enjoyed the music that evening.  We stayed for a few sets, different people sang and played their instruments, ranging from a tuba, piano, guitar and a full on rock and roll band.  Maya sat the majority of the time watching and being very attentive.  She clapped at the end of every song.  It was a wonderful evening and even though we were out later than we usually are with Maya, I think it was worth it.  It makes me so happy to be able to expose her to all types of music and experiences.

Here a few photos of Maya with her music therapist.   I really do believe that music taps into a side of her brain that no other therapy does.   As we all have felt on one level or another music opens up our mind and heart and can motivate us to do so much more than we believe we can.

striking a pose
working with the bells
moving and grooving
playing the xylophone


Kelly said...

Music therapy looks so fun!! Unfortunately that has been cut from our EI services. Landon will be starting in our local "Music Together" program this winter. Can't wait!!!

evrfwd said...

Kelly, Maya LOVED music together. We took a class when she was around 1. I would love to get her back into it. I'm sure Landon will love it. =)