Friday, October 9, 2009

31 for 21, Day 9: tooth #4

a few days ago i discovered that maya is not just getting her 3rd tooth, but also her 4th one. i just happened to discover it on monday evening when i was feeling around for tooth #3. (a very dangerous act to do because of her super jagged bottom teeth and her willingness to bite just about anything). the 4th tooth had just broken through the gum so i wasn't a 100% sure until wednesday night. turns out maya also realized she had a 4th tooth by discovering she can grind her teeth together. uh oh. luckily she hasn't done it since.

while i was putting maya to sleep tonight i was thinking about the hard road ahead. this week she has been waking up 3-6 times during the night. i'm thinking it's all because of the teething. and i'm sure it will continue off and on until all of her teeth are in. who knows how long that will take. in maya's case because she has down syndrome there has been a delay in teething. so i am grateful that she is finally getting in those teeth but on the flip side i'm not looking forward to dealing with "needy maya". while she does seem more loving towards me (ie: licking/kissing my face when she climbs over me) she often demands milk the moment she gets close.

more than anything i know that all my sleep training has probably gone out the window. all the books say, don't sleep train if, a) the child is teething or sick, b) visitors are in the house, c) there are other changes going on in the home...well you get the point. my question is, when IS it a good time to sleep train?! it sure seems like a small window of opportunity. nevertheless i've done it once before, i will do it again.

anyway, i say hooray for maya. she's finally getting in her teeth. my mission lately has been to try and photograph her with those teeth. so far it's seems almost impossible. she moves so fast and without warning.

i'd like to capture how different she looks with teeth. they are cute and dangerous things. two little mount everests poking out from her little mouth. it looks like my baby girl is growing up.

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datri said...

Awww, teething's no fun! I love looking at pictures of Maya. She reminds me so much of Kayla when she was that age!