Saturday, October 10, 2009

31 for 21, Day 10: music play

a couple of days ago our little family went to a music playgroup. maya loves music and i'm always trying to look for new venues to get her involved in. we have taken some music courses through the community centers and i have seen really amazed by the results. i'd really like to learn more about how music therapy can help maya. research has shown that music therapy helps with concentration and alert thinking among other things. i can totally see this with maya. her attention span is a hundred times better when music is playing.

during our little music session i noticed that as soon as the guitar came out she went over to play it. when we took the other music class before, she didn't have much interest in playing the guitar so to see that really put a smile on my face. even more so i saw her go from an observer to a participant in one hour. at first she was watching everyone very seriously, and after a few songs she started to clap and dance. she was right there

when they took out the shakers and she didn't throw them around like she using does. she was shaking them to the music. it was really awesome to watch.

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