Sunday, October 25, 2009

31 for 21, Day 25: teething, standing and kissing

teething isn't especially fun but i look forward to having more teeth in maya's mouth for chomping. last night was tiring because she could not sleep very well. in the end i brought her into our bed and finally she feel asleep. she looked so peaceful sleeping next to us. i like to think it was comforting to have her parents next to her.

several times today maya pulled up to stand and did some cruising. every time i find her standing next to the fireplace, the couch or bench i am amazed. this is what we have been working toward for so long. i will never forget this feeling of accomplishment. i'm sure there will be many more to come.

this morning maya gave her dada at least 10 sloppy kisses. she kept pulling his face to hers, opening her mouth and licking his face. in return he kissed her fluffy cheeks. it was so precious to see. i wanted to get a video so badly but i suppose some things are better left in our memories. at that moment all i could think about was how lucky i am to have her and how i could not imagine a world where she did not exist.

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