Sunday, October 11, 2009

31 for 21, Day 11: making the invisible visible

i found this really cool site, just by chance, that features films/videos about people that have developmental disabilities. some are documentary type films, others are music videos from musicians, and they even have full feature films. i love the idea that there are filmmakers trying to discuss and bring awareness to the public through this venue. to me there is nothing stronger than an image and even better a moving image.

the NYC non-profit organization has been having film festivals since 2003. and they even sponsor a touring film festival so it is accessible to any city. if you are into the arts this is one way to bring awareness to your community.

on the site you can watch previews of the video and sometimes the full video is available. i think there is some real cutting edge work here. for instance the feature film Mr. Blue Sky, explores an unconventional love story and the documentary Ups of Downs, stars a rebel and artist who happens to have down syndrome. there are so many more videos that seem amazing. i can't wait to see more of them.

sprout film festivals / making the invisible visible

check out their past film schedules. it's awesome.

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