Friday, October 16, 2009

31 for 21, Day 16: dance your dreams!

a friend of mine through facebook posted a link to this place a while ago. i wanted to write about it and share the info because it seems like a wonderful program. "Dance Your Dreams! is a dance program that provides dance education to children who cannot participate in mainstream dance education due to physical, mental or emotional disabilities."

maya loves dancing and music and i could totally imagine her participating in a class like this if it was offered here. i love the idea that there is a place where children with physical disabilities can go and be free to express themselves in their own way. as much as i believe that maya should be a part of the typical society and activities, i also believe that she should interact with her special needs peers. i think there is a balance to being in both worlds in a way. i'm new to this part of the journey since maya is not in school yet. the only experiences i have right now are in community center classes with only typical children. it would be wonderful if there was something like this offered in our community.

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