Monday, October 5, 2009

31 for 21, Day 5: protective mama

tonight, we found a live scorpion in our house. being that it is arizona its not a crazy thing to see. but it's been two years that we have been here and we haven't seen the little scary beasts around yet. well there it was, just hanging out in the living room. very still, playing dead. dang!

luckily maya was no where near him. otherwise she probably would have reached out and tried to pick him up. she has this habit of trying to put anything she sees on the floor into her mouth. and she is moving all the time, looking and seeing things that almost no one would notice unless they have eagles eyes.

so of course when i saw that scorpion my heart stopped. this is something i have very little control daughter crawling around the house...scorpions coming into our house, it's a recipe for disaster. the protective mama immediately came out of me. i must do something to protect my daughter. i don't want her to get hurt in any way. wow, it was a strong feeling. stronger than anything i've felt since i've had her. it seemed to have come from my gut. it wasn't something i logically processed, it was instinct.

being a mama is the hardest job i've every had. i'm sure i've said that before and i'll keep saying it again and again. everyday i learn a new thing about my daughter, and at the same time i learn something new about myself. most often it is something i don't want to even begin to write about. =)

tomorrow, i'll be calling someone about how to seal our house. how to stop those little creatures from coming into our home. i can only think about one thing right now - protecting my daughter.

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My name is Sarah said...

Oh that would be very scary.