Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 for 21: Day 6, sick day.

Today was a sick day for Maya.  She caught a cold that I had earlier in the week. So we stayed home from school this morning. No school, no therapy, no play dates.  We played it low key today.  What is low key for Maya might mean something different than for you and me. Either way it was a day without an agenda.

Even when Maya has a cold, she doesn't let that get in the way of having a party in the house.  First thing she did this morning after getting up was sweep the living room. She swept the walls, chairs, sofa and floor. It was really cute considering she's not quite sure how to hold her little play broom.

When it was time for breakfast, as soon as she sat in the chair she signed "games please". That is something we do when we sit at the table while she eats.   In the hour it took her to finish 2 bowls of cheerios and fruit with yogurt, we played four "games".

Those games or activities included, singing the itsy bitsy spider and five speckled frogs songs, using a felt board. I sang and Maya would move the little picture pieces on the board.  She was trying to put voice to the songs today which was really encouraging.

Then we moved onto one of her favorites, drawing on her musical sketch board.  This is made by crayola, it is a board that you draw on while music plays. It's called crayola beginnings color me a song. The faster you draw the faster the music plays.  Maya loves it.

After that we did letters A-E on her letters sound matching board.  This is a cool activity using upper and lower case letters with pictures of items that begin with that letter.

Finally we did some stamping with a foam animal set I recently bought. It was our first time using it and even though I wasn't impressed with the quality of the stamps, Maya had a great time.  She kept clapping every time she made a stamp.

Maya is always busy. No matter what she is doing she is doing it fast and furiously. The great thing about "playing with games" at the table is she is very focused on each activity.  Because she is in a high chair she is locked in so to speak.  Yet she doesn't has a problem telling me when she is all done with a game.  Most of time what follows are the signs, "more games please".  =)

Making some music and art.

Stamping animals!

Our morning activities.

After breakfast,  Maya actually posed for me.  Sweet!


Valerie said...

So sweet.

Becca said...

So, for a sick day, you guys seriously were productive! A musical sketch board? I'd never seen one of those! What a brilliant idea!

Love these pics and how much Maya is concentrating on what she's doing.

Sorry she's under the weather, but this post is a great lesson in how to use time in a productive, fun and still very educational way. :-)