Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 for 21, Day 20: pillow fight.

You can't see it in these photos but Maya is an extremely happy, giggly girl when we do pillow fighting.  She always asks for more, and more when I throw the pillow on her.  I throw them lightly mind you, but she often is engulfed in a sea of pillows...and she doesn't mind it at all.  In fact she loves it.

I am told that this might be a good way to help her with the sensory issues she is having.  She needs more input, she needs to swing, bounce and evidently she needs pillow fights.  Luckily these things all seem like play to her.  But when the 20 minutes of bouncing on the ball are done I also feel like it's a workout.

So often I am worried that I'm not doing enough, but I also have to remember to see it in a different light.  Perhaps it's all about play.  She is discovers things through play.  Sometimes she needs a little help learning to play but other times she shows me how to play.  It's a collaboration.  We were doing pillow fighting even before the OT told us it was good for her.  If she is laughing it's gotta be a good thing... for her and me.  It's good all the way around.


Michelle said...

stopping over from the blog hop! love the pic with her little butt showing amongst the pillows!

Unknown said...

No matter how much therapy you do, it will never be enough! Enjoy life and strike the best balance you can.

Visiting via the blog hop!


lovemy3 said...

I hate that we always question ourselves if "we are doing enough"! She's such a cutie!!

(blog hopping)

Unknown said...

Blog hopping (late)! We love pillow fights at our house too. :)