Thursday, January 7, 2010

this week...

this week we have enjoyed getting back to our routine. storytime at the library, going to the park and play dates. today as maya played with the toys at the story time session, i looked around the room and saw mothers chatting and connecting. i saw many smiles and laughter. i realized how important these 30 minute sessions are to our children and our own sanity. =)

maya at the park, she love the swing!

at a friend's house...a sea of balls, maya sat there for 15 minutes straight.

playing after story time. i was so proud because she didn't pull anyone's hair.

when we arrived home maya just stared at me with those big brown eyes. then when i got the camera out, she looked away.

napping maya....ahhhhh, it's me time!


My name is Sarah said...

I love all the balls. I think Maya does too:)

Amy Flege said...

she is so cute!! love her big brown eyes!