Friday, January 22, 2010

haircut. success!

tuesday i finally took the plunge and took maya to get a haircut. i had been procrastinating because quite frankly maya is notorious for screaming, crying, and signing "all done" during the entire haircut. it's just so painful to see her like that!

her hair had become so long that she had to start pushing her bangs out of her face. so it was overdue to say the least. just this week my friend told me of a new place she had gone to and really liked. i think mostly because of the price but it is also closer to both of our houses. very convenient. turns out this place has been there for 7 years.

anyway, when it was maya's turn to get her haircut, i warned the hairdresser what was about to come. scotty was her name and she was different than all the other ladies who have cut maya's hair so far. she was calm and friendly, she didn't seem like she was in a hurry to get this over with.

the moment the water bottle came out, maya started to cry and growl. actual tears came out of her eyes....and i thought this was the beginning of the torture. i tried my usual distractions, snacks, singing and then i took out her ipod and started playing her signing time video. usually she just pushes it away, but this time she didn't. she actually was happy to see it. she was totally distracted and by the middle of the haircut she was even smiling at the video. scotty was able to take her time and really pay attention to details that other hairdressers have not been able to focus on.

as always it seems my daughter has surprised me again. it seems like a small thing to mention in an entire entry but sometimes it's the little things that make an ordinary day special.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a great post! Your hair shop looks like one in a mall close to our house. But I still am afraid to take Gabe because his crying is absolutely heartbreaking! So, we use the clippers at home to give him a haircut...and afterwards, both my husband and I are exhausted from our nerves!

Maya, you look BEAUTIFUL!

Sheena said...

Just came across your blog for the 1st time. Love the name of it! Your daughter is a cutie pie. :)

Becca said...

Beautiful!!! I'm so glad it went well - Maya's quite the young lady! We still have not yet attempted this yet. I am pretty certain the use of a water bottle would be on Sammi's prohibited items list. LOL

datri said...

Oh, she is just TOO CUTE!!