Friday, August 19, 2011

The Frog Prince

I wanted to spread the word about this amazing documentary about some most amazing people. I have a personal connection because my friends' son, Ray-Man, plays the Frog Prince.  He is a true inspiration.  I wish for Maya all the wonderful things that Ray-Man is accomplishing.  ALL the actors in this production were wonderful.   They were treated with respect and courtesy, talked to as any actor should be spoken to, and the end result is glorious!  
"This documentary follows a young theatre troupe as they work tirelessly to put together a play under extraordinary circumstances. All twenty members of the cast face intellectual and developmental disabilities. They must work through their personal struggles, hopes and fears under the creative and therapeutic direction of a charismatic mentor and trained theatre director at The Centre for the Arts in Human Development at Concordia University. Let the drama begin."

CBC Montreal presents: The Frog Princes

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