Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Work and play, so worth it.

How do we spend our days?  They seem to fly by so quickly and even though I try and photography the moments I can't take enough photos of all the busyness that goes on in a day.  I've been thinking I need to write about all the fun stuff we do, because sometimes I feel like it's all work, work, work.  From an early age, maybe 3 months old if I remember correctly, Maya has been working towards a goal.  Whatever that goal is at the time seems to be the only thing that matters.  At times it feels like forever before the milestone has been met.  Meanwhile we are living our life, the daily activities go on as mundane as they are. Changing diapers, the process of eating, potty training, naps or the resistance of, in the end everything we do is a teaching/learning experience. I'm always looking for toys that will teach her something either for OT, PT or Speech.  And yet I almost always feel like I don't do enough.

Then sometimes I give up, I feel like I can't force her to eat with a fork, I can't stop her from throwing the milk, I'm tired of making her sit on the potty when she doesn't want to.  Sometimes I feel like all I do is work.  While all the other kids Maya age learn new words and get potty trained, Maya resists.  OK, she's not resisting really, but it sure does feel like it.

I know it's a balancing act for so many mothers out there.  And for the ones blessed with a special needs child the juggling of therapy, doctors appointments, milestones, sensory diets, daily chores, among other things, well, it is what it is. Although I know that the journey is more important than the end destination, I feel like I am the one who has to keep us on the path....otherwise we won't move forward.

Sometimes it takes looking at my phone to get me back into the right mindset, this is reality...sometimes it's damn hard what a mother has to do all day, day in and day out.  The photos I have taken in my phone remind me that there is a little person here developing into a full fledged adult.  She is experimenting, she is playing, she is exploring. She is being silly, making up games, laughing and dancing all around me.  This makes me happy and makes me know that she's in the right place. 

Well enough venting, I hope it wasn't too horrible.  I feel like I need to write these things down to let others know, this road is a little tougher at times, but it is so very worth it!

Not only does Maya change my life everyday, she continues to change the lives of everyone that comes in contact with her.  When she hugs you and give you a big sloppy kiss, you know that her heart is pure...and it will always stay that way.  I really can't think of anything more beautiful than that.

I turned around and found Maya on her tricycle one morning.  She looks like she might be thinking of what she can get into next.

One of her favorite combination outfits.   Very original!
Dress up time usually means dancing time.

One Sunday, Maya decided it was time to do some reading.  She went over to her bookcase and grabbed one book for Dada and one for herself.  Then she sat in her little chair and read the same book twice.  Amazing Maya!
Eating hot dogs all on her own.  Brava Maya!

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James and Meenakshi said...

Wow! you have expressed yourself so beautifully. Maya is growing up so fast. We wish we lived closer. LOve you guys so much.