Monday, June 30, 2008

true to her name

below are a few definitions of maya's name. when i was in college i knew a girl who's name was maya. i thought then and there that if i ever had daughter i would name her maya. as the years passed and i started to study buddhism, i discovered that the word maya has a very complex meaning.

true to her name, maya's name shed so much light on what this life is about. because she was diagnosed with down syndrome she created a new world for me, she had me questioning reality. my ideals of what my daughter would be like took a new shape and meaning. it's quite ironic because i had a perfect picture in my head how maya would be, and i had to let go of that illusion right away to accept who she is. it felt like a great teaching.

meanings of maya:
The girl's name Maya \ma-ya\ is pronounced MYE-ah. It is of Spanish, Hindi and Russian origin. In Spanish, short form of Amalia. In Hindi, from Sanskrit, meaning "dream, illusion". In Russian, a form of Mary. A star constellation.

maya (mä'yä) , in Hinduism, term used in the Veda to mean magic or supernatural power. In Mahayana Buddhism it acquires the meaning of illusion or unreality. The term is pivotal in the Vedanta system of Shankara, where it signifies the world as a cosmic illusion and also the power that creates the world.

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