Sunday, June 22, 2008

a new dream called maya

i've asked myself why blog? after having this blog account for over a year i've finally decided it's time i start using it. before i was on the fence about it because i've often thought that people that blog are basically exposing things about themselves that perhaps no one really wants to see/hear. it almost seemed like a waste of time to me. it wasn't until maya chose to come into my world that i started to investigate blogs again.

i started reading a book named GIFTS: Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enric
h Their Lives it was here were i started seeing blogs by mothers that have children with down syndrome. as i started to read some of these blogs i felt as if i was part of a community. i have been enjoying reading what others lives are like with their children. it gives me hope and encouragement. so i have decided to create this blog for my daughter. i see it as a form of advocacy.

before maya came to me, i didn't have much of a clue about people with down syndrome. i had worked in a group home for adults with disabilities when i was in college for a short while, and have always had a special feeling when i saw people with down syndrome but that's about it. while i was pregnant i found myself looking around for people with down syndrome. where are they? why aren't they interacting with the rest of society? now that maya has come into our world i can see that she has opened my eyes in so many ways. it seems that she has touched so many people just by existing. she has brought awareness into peoples lives that didn't even know what down syndrome was. she is an advocate. i feel so blessed to be a part of her world...i hope you also enjoy her.


Rita Andrews said...

Hi, your daughter is beautiful!! We have 3 daughters with DS and all of them come to our family through the miracle of adoption. What a joy all of them are to our family and community.


evrfwd said...

thanks for your comment! and thank you for the wonderful gift you have given your daughters. bless you and your family.