Monday, October 8, 2012

31 for 21, Day 8 - 2012

Highlight of my day:  Maya walked from the car to music therapy.

This is literally a miracle.  Let me tell you why, Maya does not like to walk.  OK maybe that is an exaggeration.  Mostly she doesn't like to walk where you want her to walk.  She only goes where she wants. Kinda sounds like a diva, doesn't it?!  Ha! 

On a more serious note,  I'm not sure if it's that she is unsure of the uneven surface she is walking on or if she is distracted by all the things around her.  Sometimes she dilly dallys by exploring everything on the ground and other times she just looks at me straight away and says, "up".  If I try and ignore her or encourage her to walk, she stands in front of me every step I take and won't let me pass.  Whether it's to go to school, her therapies, or the gym.  She wants to be carried.  Of course this is something we are working on.  But it's been very slow going. 

So you can imagine my surprise when she wiggled out of the my arms and started walking to the therapy building, today.  There were a few stops here and there, mostly to do a little dance and look at her shadow on the ground. But she did it, she walked from the car, the parking lot, hallways, into the elevator and to her therapy room.

I took a bunch of photos because I was so excited.  Excuse the blurriness.  Oh and yes today she wanted to wear her Halloween costume again.  She found it in her closet, even though I was trying to hide it.  Guess she found a new favorite dress.


Michelle said...

LOVE that she wore her dress!
LOVE that she walked by herself!!!!
GO Maya!!!
Matthew has been wearing his Halloween costume alot too - LOL!

evrfwd said...

Thanks Michelle! We play dress up all year around so Halloween has nothing on us. haha.