Monday, July 16, 2012

the little things...

Today I was walking with Maya to her music therapy. She was walking right next to me.  I held out my hand and she immediately grabbed it and held onto it.  At that moment I remembered when there was a time when she would not hold my hand while walking.  In fact she would often not walk next to me at all.  That wasn't that long ago actually. Now don't get me wrong there are still many times that I have to carry her, but those times are slowly disappearing little by little.

That moment made me think of other moments that are changing with Maya.  The other day she sat to put on her shoes and when I said put them on, she tried to slip her feet in her crocks.  She was almost there.  After months and months of trying to get her to put her shoes on, she is starting to try.  That is a big step for her.

The biggest step we have taken happened last week when, on a whim, I decided to pull up the rugs in the house and put Maya in her undies.  I am uncertain if she is ready, but I lean towards thinking she is on the verge of a breakthrough.

Since she was 13 months we have been putting her on the toilet and soon after that she started to sign potty and actually poop and pee on the toilet.  Set backs of illness, mine and hers and laziness on my part stopped me from pushing her further.  Still, since 15-16 months she rarely poops in her diaper.  It is however a struggle to get her on the toilet, sometimes she arches her back or just doesn't want to go into the bathroom.  Worse, when we are out she refuses to go potty if she doesn't have her cushy toilet seat.  I have to say though, that since last Tuesday she hasn't refused to go to the bathroom.  She gets on the toilet even if she doesn't go potty.  And she's had a few accidents, but most of the time it's been very successful.  The first day she went 7 hours without an accident.

Like most things in my life I consider this an experiment.  I heard of many techniques for potty training but in the same fashion as sleep training I have decided to take it slow and ease.  I don't know how long this process will go on, I just try and keep my expectations low and so far I'm feeling pretty good about the whole thing.  Low stress for me and for Maya, this is a good thing.

These are the little things that matter in my life right now.  It might seem trivial to some but to me, it is what my world is comprised of at the moment.  I am so proud of my little rascal. 

Bring on the rain!

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Michelle said...

Low Stress = good thing!