Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's up in the world of Maya?

It's been too long since I've written.  I know, I know, I say that all the time.  Ha!  Well life just keeps on moving for us.  Sometimes I feel like time is ticking so slowly...and then low and behold it's March!  Wow!  Maya's 3rd birthday is quickly approaching and this time I feel a little behind in my party preparations.  I always make a little slide show of her year gone by, but this year, well we will see if it happens.

What's going on in the world of Maya?  So glad you asked.  Well, when I say that I feel like time has been moving slow, that's because Maya and I have both been sick.  First off I've been battling the sickies since Nov.  I'm still trying to figure out what's going on.  Going to different doctors to see what's up.  On top of that, right around V-day I caught the flu, wholly moley!  I was literally down for the count.  In bed for three days straight, then dragging the rest of the week.  Later in the week, Maya caught a cold.  Poor thing had stuffy/snotty nose for almost two weeks.

It's been challenging to say the least. All of a sudden my darling little angel is cranky as ever and screams blood murder if she is not getting her way.  Poor thing was bored of being inside and not being able to go out and play with her friends.  It's times like this when I wish she could speak and tell me what is going on.  Although she has many ASL signs, she reverted to arching her back and whining instead of using them.

Thank goodness that's over with.  And thank goodness for Barney! Yes, Barney saved the days and I suppose Maya is now hooked.  But that's perfectly Ok with me.  The way her face lights up when I ask if she wants to watch Barney is just priceless. 

Meanwhile Maya is still moving towards becoming 3 and continues to grow and chance right in front of my eyes.  She is developing a sense of humor and is starting to get ideas in her head.  She wants to put on her tutu and brings the box over to me so I can help her.  She swipes my oven mitt from the counter,  puts it on and dancing around the room. She makes her way to the place where I have the bubbles and reaches as far as she can to get them.  (Actually she is really getting good and blowing bubbles.  Whoohoo!)

One of the greatest things I've heard is her little voice, trying, quietly as it might be, to recite the ABC song.  She signs the letters at the same time and makes the sounds best she can.  Mostly "Eee" is the best sound she can make, but sometimes I can almost hear an "Mmm" sound.  I would love to be able to record this on video but she does it so quickly that I just have to listen and enjoy the moment.

These moments are fleeting I realize so I just try to keep my eyes open and absorb those precious moments as much as I can.  Life is quick...and without sounding morbid, you just never know when it's gonna be over.  Enough said.

Here we are.

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Becca said...

Great update!! I agree with you about absorbing the moments, trying to slow them down and savor them. We blink and we miss them, and I think too many people take them for granted. Our kids teach us not to do that.

So sorry you guys have been sick! Did you ever find out why you've been having such a hard time yourself? Hope it's nothing... Btw, you mentioned Maya had a 2-week cold...did you get her tested for strep at the time? Sammi had a 2-week cold and the only reason we even thought to test for strep was because Steve got really sick and tested positive. Sammi then tested positive, but had no outward symptoms at all. We were really glad he got sick, actually.

Hope you're all on the mend, and enjoying every. single. second. :-)