Monday, March 28, 2011

Off to school she goes...

On March 21st, World Down Syndrome day, Maya had her first day at school. We were all so excited, I think Maya included.  The night before, Maya and I tossed and turned, but we were up on time and ready to go for her first day of school.

When Maya was just an infant I started thinking about preschool.  I've always wondered if 3 was too early of an age to send a child to school.  I mean 3 years seems to be a young age to someone who has never been around kids. Now that I have had the privilege to be around Maya for 3 solid years, I see that it's just the right age to start school.

As much as I like to think that I've stimulated Maya's mind and body with all her therapies and being in a mommies group that meets 3-4 times a week for play dates, story times, etc.  Nothing can replace a setting like school.  It may be my imagination but I already see so much progress from Maya.  More about that later....for now here's a peek into Maya's first day at school.

Maya ready for school!

This backpack is almost as big as Maya.  =)

Dada carries Maya to her classroom.

As soon as we put her down Maya went into the classroom and started to play in the kitchen area.

Maya with one of her aides.  When we said goodbye to her she looked at me and then went back to playing.  A good start to her first day at school.  Yay!

Maya looking a little dazed at the end class.  Her other aide brings her over. 

Very, very happy when she saw Dada. 

She looks tired, but she got her second wind when she got home.


Rosa said...

Beautiful! I love the pictures. Our kids will exceed our expectation, they will get farther than we can imagine. Maya looks so cute with her backpack.

Becca said...

Wow, how exciting!!! I knew she'd do great. :-) She is so ready for school, and you'll be amazed at everything she comes home and dazzles you with. We started Samantha when she was just 2 yrs. and 3 mos., which was impossibly young to me, but I was so pleased with her love of being in that environment around other children. Great pics!!!

evrfwd said...

Thanks ladies! I love reading both of your blogs and the progress the kiddos are making. It is so encouraging and has helped me along this process.