Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another trip to the aquarium and farewell to maya's best buds

Recently we went to the aquarium with our friends and their kiddos. It was great seeing the kids enjoying the fish and the environment. The little aquarium is just the right size to entertain but not overwhelm Maya. I'm so glad that she is getting curious about her surroundings.

Our long time friend's have twins which are two months younger than Maya. Its been really wonderful having them around. I've been able to see them grow so much in just six months. The twins, a girl and a boy, have really taken to Maya. They always call to her to join them in whatever they are doing and give her lots of hugs. Even though Maya isn't quite at the same level they love hanging out with her. Their friendship has grown as did mine with their mother. We've enjoyed many outing together. I'm sad that our friends will be out of the country for the next six months but we look forward to their return.

Below are a few precious moments from our last visits together.

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Rosa said...

Beautiful pictures! It is so cute to see them together.