Thursday, July 29, 2010

first trip since walking

this last weekend we took a quick little trip up to denver to see some of our friends.  we have been wanting to do some traveling this summer but we were waiting until maya started walking full time.  now that maya is pretty much walking 99% of the time we are happy to get our traveling shoes on and get moving.  our first stop was denver, colorado.  it went really well.  it felt quite liberating to not have to carry maya around everywhere.  of course we still use the stroller when in public places and carry her around quite a bit but now maya wants to get out and walk around also.  she is totally in an exploratory mode.  she is still waddling a lot but she is walking!  here are some photos of our little adventure...

walking around boulder, colorado
maya and aavan
dada and maya looking at ducks

walking on a downward slope

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Rosa said...

Good Job Maya!