Thursday, June 17, 2010

two friends slide

maya and T climb the slide one after another.  he looks over to maya, waiting to see if she was coming up the steps.  when she reached the top she stood behind him, they looked at each other. waiting, deciding what was next.

-it was a tender moment for me.  seeing her interact so well with her friend.  two year olds don't know the difference between typical and special.  they are just friends.  i wish it could always be that way. no judgement about their differences.-

he slid down the slide. us moms cheered for the fun.  it was maya's turn and T waited at the bottom for her to come down.  i helped her sit down at the top of the slide and then she pushed herself to start.  she was giggling all the way down.  once at the bottom, T says maya's name in a cute toddler voice, the voice they have when they are trying to say new words.  he runs to the slide steps again and maya follows.


Rosa said...

They can be friends forever. It is possible! I found a video in YouTube that is about the friendship between 2 boys, one with Down syndrome and one without it. I found this video when my son was a newborn. It is very inspirational. Here is the link:

Becca said...

Beautifully written, Jo Ann. Just beautiful.