Tuesday, April 20, 2010

water play

this weekend we had a couple of families over to take advantage of the great weather. we put out the water table and a little ladybug sprinkler and let the kids go wild. it was soooo much fun!

i really noticed that maya was watching the other kids and also interacting with them. she was curious about all that was going on. i felt like at the table she could play with her equals....she could do everything they were doing. it was so great to see them interacting like that. maya stood there for a long time, splashing, getting all soaked, exploring how things work. i was so happy to see that.

when we started up the ladybug sprinkler maya walked over (with help from dada). then for a few quick seconds she stood there all on her own. she was so focused on the water that i don't think she knew what was happening. but i sure did! it was an awesome moment and very encouraging. i think i needed that little ray of sunshine to keep me going.

"just keep goin' on...i know you can, just keep goin' on, take every knock as a boost, and every stumbling block as a stepping stone, lift up your head, hold your own, just keep goin' on" (song by erick bibb & needed time)

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Becca said...

I've been contemplating a water table or a sand table for Samantha - the one you have is a perfect size! Maya's just such a young lady!