Saturday, November 21, 2009

a cure for what?

thanks to rebecca at the bates motel for writing about an article posted by the l.a. times. i think rebecca did a wonderful job at conveying her thoughts on the article. she is a much better writer than me for sure!

what is interesting is that i have been thinking lately that i would never for a minute change that maya has down syndrome. in fact i wish there were more people in the world that had down syndrome. personally i think the world would be a better place. i don't see down syndrome as a disease or even a disorder. i don't think we need a cure for down syndrome we need a cure for heart disease, thyroid issues, dementia. but most importantly i think that our society needs to be cured of how we see people who have down syndrome.

even before maya was born i always accepted people with disabilities. of course now that i have maya my feelings have grown stronger. i can't help but see how maya brings life to our mundane world. almost everything she does is a gift...from rolling over, to crawling, signing and sipping from a straw, the list could go on. we work hard for all these milestones and i am grateful for all that she accomplishes. i don't know what it would be like to have her without down syndrome. i wouldn't even want to imagine. she is perfect just the way she is.


Becca said...

Yes, the world is lucky to have people with Down syndrome, and we are so lucky to have our children. I know so many people whose views of so many different things in the world have changed with the birth of their children with disabilities. One day, when I can think of a way to be pc about it, I may blog about how we don't have to worry about our children with Down syndrome becoming the "bad seeds" that some seemingly innocent, perfect children become when they pass through teenhood. No drug abuse, alcohol abuse, homicide, etc. LOL Whew! :-)

GSDFosterMom said...

I totally agree. Just the concept of a "cure" seemed so bizarre and out there.