Wednesday, August 26, 2009

stacking blocks on august 3rd

i started writing this on august 3rd...and then life got a hold of me. i'm finally going to finish it...

on sunday, august 3rd the weekend that we returned home from san antonio, maya started to try and stack her little blocks. we were playing on the floor together and i began showing her how to stack the blocks, after watching me a couple of times, she began to mimic what i was doing. her little hand wrapped around the big plastic block, timid and shaky, she placed it on the other block slightly crooked. it fell over but it was an intentional action nevertheless.

just a few weeks before, she started to put items into a container (a big surprise for all of us). now she was working on more intricate actions with her hands. there is a connection she is making with her hands and her mind that just blows me away. i'm just so excited! i need to capture this on video...

for now here's a photo of maya watching her dada shaving in the early morning on monday aug. 4th. even though it's dark and grainy i love her smile.

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