Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my baby did it!

yesterday was such a great day. i saw maya crawling on her own for the first time ever. she took a few "steps" and then stopped. it's not a full out crawl yet but she is moving forward for sure. the fact that she is moving her arms forward and then her legs is such a big deal. it's something that has taken a while to get.

this last week she has really grown up so much. it's amazing that so many changes have occurred the week of her 1 year birthday. literally on her birthday she started telling me that she didn't want to sit in her high chair. she did this by arching her back when i would try and sit her in it. normally i would hate such things but for some reason it doesn't bother me as much. it's almost like i'm glad that she is starting to express herself.

yesterday while watching her i couldn't help but jump up and down. i felt so happy. my little baby is growing up. she is starting to wave bye bye, more and all done. she is learning her first language now. it is a wonder to see it happen in front of my eyes.

i want to write all these little milestones down so i won't ever forget the hard work maya has put into making them happen. i hope that one day she can be an example to others. i hope that she can be an inspiration just like adults with down syndrome that i see that have accomplished so much.


Megan said...

Hi! I'm so glad I found your blog! Our daughters are the same age and it's been inspiring for me to see what your little one can do. Every little milestone is a happy moment! I think I need encouragement just as much as my daughter Gwyneth does. She is not yet trying to belly crawl, but we've made some really good progress this month with her sitting unsupported.
:) Best Regards

Unknown said...

Hi there. My daughter Kaya is from November 2007 and she just started moving about during January this year. Now she is constantly increasing the speed of her belly crawl adventures. She is also experimenting with actual crawling - but she is not moving very far on all fours. Love to read your blog.

Unknown said...

We look forward with keenness to every little milestone. Keep it up, Maya!

evrfwd said...

thanks megan for your comment. i went to your blog and tried to leave a message there but couldn't for some reason.

your gwyneth is so sweet. i love the video of her birthday party.

thanks for sharing it.

evrfwd said...

thanks mikael for reading my blog. i love your photos of Kaya on flickr.