Sunday, February 22, 2009

budget cuts effecting maya

I received horrible news this last week about Maya's early intervention program. I was told that AZ plans to eliminate all services provided through DDD (Division of Developmental Disabilities). This means that Maya will no longer receive any therapy through the state. They are basically eliminating all services for 0-3 year old children who are at risk of developmental delays. I haven't received official word in writing but so far Maya's coordinator though DDD has confirmed this information.

Everyone I speak to is outraged because studies have proven that early intervention is essential in helping children with developmental delays. The first 3 years is a crucial time for the development of gross, speech and fine motor skills. Even though Maya is still below the typical learning curve we have seen great strides made because of the ongoing therapy she has received. Now we all will be forced to pay out of pocket since most insurances are limited in covering these therapies. Worse yet, many families may not be able to afford these therapies for their children.

I'm sending the word out and asking if you can take the time to write the Governor and voice your concerns on this issue. I was also told to write our legislators. Whether it's a quick email or a formal letter our voice must be heard.

Jan Brewer, Governor

Below are some links describing the budget cuts:\

a friend of mine also mentioned the two below organizations that are hopefully going to lead the fight in this battle.

The Childrens Action Alliance (CAA) is a major player at the Capitol, and they have a page where they're asking parents to share their stories to compile for the legislature.

The Protecting Arizona's Families Coalition (PAFCO) They're posting weekly website updates on the actions they're organizing.


Maureen said...

I read your blog with interest. I want to let you know that you do have procedural safeguards with regard to reductions in services to Maya if you disagree (i.e., if you believe Maya still needs the services identified on your IFSP) as she already has an IFSP with frequency, duration and length of services delineated, visit the DES website here for more information: with regard to previous posts about concerns with speech, the state of New York has a very good clinical practice guideline which discusses the speech needs of children with down syndrome (as well as OT, PT and educational needs):

Becca said...

Hi! Thanks for adding me on Flickr--I am so glad to have found your blog! I'm very sad to hear about the cuts in Arizona. I hope that there can be a more positive resolution to this. I didn't realize that the states could eliminate these services. Does your insurance cover private services? And I'm assuming that when she turns 2 she'll be eligible for services through the county school system...or have those services been cut, too?