Monday, January 5, 2009

if you're happy and you know it clap your hands...

two days before maya figured it out, the occupational therapist was trying to teach her how to clap hands. this last month has been all about hands it seems. i've been trying to teach maya to use her hands more. grabbing, holding, transferring, waving, clapping. i've noticed that she is picking up things real quickly lately.

these days she is fascinated with the fact that she can put her hands together. she sort of rubs them together and stares at them. she opens and closes them and watches very carefully at the action. i happen to think it's awfully cute, but then again i am her mother.

maya below claps her hands, at nine months and three weeks old.


~KC: said...

Wonderful job Maya!!!.

I'm happy for all the progress Maya is making. In regards to your question, I don't have a blog. My beautiful niece has Down syndrome, she will be 9 months in a week. My sister (her mom)is not into blogging. I love to read inspiring blogs like yours.

Thank you for sharing your amazing story ~

evrfwd said...

thank you for reading my blog. it is so nice to know that maya is inspiring someone. i wish all the best for your sister and your niece.