Wednesday, August 13, 2008

celebrating month 5 as a family

today is maya's 5th month birthday as i like to call it. turns out that my husbands family also enjoys recognizing these little events. this week my sister in-law and family came over to our house for a few celebrations. first it was maaji's birthday (my mother-in-law), then maya's 5th month birthday and finally rakhi (an indian tradition to celebrate the bond between bother and sister). having 8 people in our house all at the same time would have been more stressful then fun for me if i had time to think about it. but it turns out i don't feel crowded or stressed this week.

this morning i woke up and could hear the shower to the guest bathroom go on, i saw my husband and mother-in-law outside, and as others slept in their makeshift beds, i wandered to the kitchen to make my protein shake. there was something interesting that happened at that moment. i felt like i was living in a small community. this feeling of knowing that there are people around who care, that are there to make you breakfast if you are hungry or hold your baby if you have to jet off to the gym, really got to me. i haven't had that in a long time and i had almost forgotten what it was like.

as she does every wednesday, the physical therapist came and worked with maya. the "family" watched and cheered as maya worked very hard at sitting up. it is so wonderful to see the interest that everyone is taking in maya. i think she brings people together in the most amazing ways.

i've seen some wonderful changes in maya even in the the last few days. she is generally a happy baby, but since the family has arrived she has been smiling almost nonstop. there are so many people who are here to entertain her, which i know she loves. she's taking in all the different sounds and languages and just having a ball with it.

there are moments when i wish that it was just the three of us. but i also see the value in having the extended family close by. the interaction that maya has with people who are hers forever is something that is priceless. i thank my stars that i have been blessed with her and the opportunity to experience all of this.

our adventure continues...

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