Wednesday, October 7, 2009

31 for 21, Day 7: buddy walk/step up for down syndrome

this is pure advertising but at least it's for a good cause. this year we are raising money for the DS Network group. last year we raised money for the Sharing DS group. i honestly don't know why there are two groups in this town, probably some politics that i'm not aware of.

i figured i'd raise money for DS Network because i've been interacting with them a little more this year. they have been trying to host more educational events and they also have an online message board which i find very helpful. we probably will go to both events since its one of the few ways we connect to our down syndrome community here. if you feel like giving a little money for a good cause, here's where to find our team: Dream a little Maya

check out this photo from last year. maya has grown so much. i can't way to post the newest buddy walk photos of her.

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