Sunday, October 18, 2009

31 for 21, Day 18: all for maya!

we finally put together a shelf unit for maya's playroom! it was a major project this whole weekend.

when we didn't have a child our house certainly looked a lot different than it does now. we didn't have all these toys laying around. we didn't have cushioned edges on the fireplace or childproofed outlets. now it's like second nature that we don't put things low enough for maya to pull onto herself. life certainly changes when you have a child.

our front room, what was once the formal sitting room, often sat empty. about 99% of the time. now that maya is here we are in it at least twice a day, whether for her therapy or just play. so we have taken the big step in adding a huge wall unit to it. it's basically all for maya's stuff.

today while i was working out, i was thinking about how life has changed. in many ways i've struggled. having a child with down syndrome has changed me in many ways. most importantly my life has changed because i am a mother. i always knew there was a big responsibility to being a mother. this is why i waited so long to have a baby. surprisingly i don't mind the fact that i put my daughter first in my life. it feels right.

while i was sweating at the gym today, struggling to pull the handles on the row machine, i thought about why i want to get back into shape. my reasons for being healthy are very different than they were a few years back. now i don't think about looking skinny, i think of maya. i literally visualize her face and it makes me keep moving. i want to be here as long as i can for her. i want to get healthy so i can enjoy life with her. she is my motivation.

life certainly changes when you have a child...for me i think it's a good thing!

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