Tuesday, October 27, 2009

31 for 21, Day 27: swinging

today maya and i went to the playground with a friend and her son. it was the first time maya experienced the joy of swinging. the other times we had gone to a playground maya was too young and couldn't get on the swings or slide.

it was so neat to see the wonder in her eyes as i placed her in the swing. she immediately placed her hands on the sides and held on. i pushed her a little and soon she realized that she was swinging. once i pushed her higher and the wind started to hit her face she was ecstatic. she was so giggly. her laugh was just a delight. i didn't have a high end camera to capture the moment but i recorded her fun from my phone.

there is something that is just magical about hearing your child laugh and be happy. i want to make maya laugh like that everyday of her life.

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