Monday, October 19, 2009

31 for 21, day 19: things that happen in and around the bathroom

today when i came back from running errands, maya's respite provider told me that maya crawled over to the bathroom on her own, sat down by the shut door and signed "potty". i've seen maya do this a couple of times before but i thought that maybe it was just pure luck. i'm so excited that she did it with someone else. now i know that i'm not just hoping she is getting the idea of potty training she is getting it. to top it off later in the evening, while maya was watching signing time, my husband said that maya crawled to the bathroom door and signed "potty". way to go maya!

another cool thing that happens in the bathroom is maya pulling herself up next to the bath tub. she loves taking a bath and watching the water being prepared for her. a few months ago she started to kneel next to the tub and now lately we have been working on getting her to pull up to standing position. i think she has caught on. today when i undressed her, she immediately crawled over to the tub and pull herself up to stand. very cool!

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