Friday, October 23, 2009

31 for 21, Day 23: pumpkin patch

our little family had our very first pumpkin patch experience today. we braved the 90 degree heat to get a few photos and decorate a little pumpkin for maya. ironically our friends we met there also commented on how this was their first experience. it was nice to go with others that also were new to this.

maya of course didn't think too much about all the pumpkins around her, she was more interested in eating the hay. i think she's still a little too young to understand what these events are all about, but i'm still glad we went. this is what families are supposed to do...experience the holidays together. these are the things i missed out on when i was a kid. our family never went to a pumpkin patch or carved pumpkins. because of this the experience is even more precious for me. i get to share it with my own little family.


Michelle said...

I *think* I know where you went!!!! If so, it was PACKED there today! We're going to go sometime early next week!
Anyway - super cute photos!!!! :)
(I still owe you an e-mail on MT - just behind!)

datri said...

Wow, that's a hot day to go to the pumpkin patch! Great pics. She's so cute. I love this time of year!