Wednesday, October 21, 2009

31 for 21, Day 21: obstacle course

this morning maya's pt (physical therapist) did a little rearranging of furniture in our house. she was so excited to see maya cruising on her own. just last wednesday we were struggling to get her to cruise and pull she is doing it all by herself. when i placed maya by the couch and she pulled up and immediately started to cruise i looked over to the pt and saw the happiness in her face. that made my day!

to keep up the momentum we have connected our two couches, to our ottoman, to the fireplace, to another chair so that maya can cruise the entire living room. then we placed all of her toys and books on the furniture to motivate her. it worked! she was cruising the giant "u" shaped obstacle course while we were creating it. she even handled the transitions between the furniture rather well. it was awesome to see.

later i wished i had recorded the whole event but it's just so hard to get out the camera as it is happening. i will video and photograph soon though. i can't miss this chance to show her family and friends all the great progress she is making.

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