Thursday, October 29, 2009

31 for 21, Day 29: the great story campaign

i love the idea of a place where people can inspire others. at the national down syndrome society there is a place to do just that. it's the "my great story" campaign. on this site you can submit a "great story" about yourself or someone you love who has down syndrome. what a great way to show off all the wonderful things that people with DS do!

ndss also produced a couple of videos showcasing two incredible self advocates, sujeet desai and sara wolff.

i might have mentioned sujeet desai in a previous post. i have seen him perform and speak live. at the time i was very new to the down syndrome world, maya was only 2 months old. i have to tell you the first moment i was in sujeet's presence he took me by surprise. it was my first DS event and i didn't know what to expect honestly. as my husband and i walked through the door of the lecture hall, sujeet was standing there, greeting everyone. i couldn't help but watch him while he was being introduced. here was this man, dressed in black slacks and a dress shirt, his cellphone was clipped to his belt. there was so much confidence in his stance. he was so calm and professional during his part of the lecture. sujeet and his mother were very uplifting speakers and gave great information on how to help our children excel. i will never forget that experience. it gave me hope when i needed it most.

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