Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 for 21, Day 7 - 2012

Opps, my bad.  I missed one day of blogging already.  Rats!  Oh well not much I can do about it now.

Day 7 of 31.

It was a busy and fun weekend.  The usual craziness happened.  Get togethers, shopping, working out, eating great food and a birthday party.

Birthday parties seem to put me on edge a little.  Mostly because I never know how Maya will do at the party.  Today was awesome. It really gave me happiness to see that she was really enjoying the activities at the party. She was engaged and followed directions so well.  It really put things in perspective for me.  I had a chance to sit back and watch her this time, since Dada was there to help.  Usually I'm so close to her, almost to the point that I don't see her growing in front of me.  I get a different view because I sit next to her all the time.  It's good for me to step back, literally, to be able to see Maya as a whole person.  She is looking older, she is growing and although I know she is making strides towards her goals, I don't always see how much she has changed.

It was a good birthday party.  Aside from her being upset when they yelled "Happy Birthday", and the scrap she got from a fall.  She even ate her pizza slice while sitting with all the other kids.  Of course Maya doesn't like the birthday song or cake.  So Dada took her out before that happened.  I think it was a good plan.  The party ended with a positive thought in her head.  

After the party we went to Costco for a few things.  While we were there I stumbled upon the Halloween costumes.  I was so excited when I saw the cheerleader outfit.  Everyone lately has been asking me what Maya is going to be this year.  Unlike a lot of children her age, she's not really into any character in particular.  So I wasn't sure what she'd like to wear.  Usually she just wears whatever I put on her for Halloween.  Not ever has she complained about the outfit.  This year I was wondering if she would care or not.  So when I held out the two cheerleading outfits, one blue and one red, I was so happy when she immediately smiled and pointed to the red one.  I asked,  "You want the red one?"  and she said, "Kay!"  She was as excited as I was about the find.

When we got home I put the outfit on the couch and she immediately saw it and brought it to me.  She was signalling that she wanted it on.  From then on she was wearing the little outfit and playing with the matching pom poms.  I  taught her how to do a cheer.  Although I'm sure she has seen it on The fresh beat band show.  The whole afternoon she kept going to her favorite mirror spot and doing her cheers. 

Others have told me this is a fun age for our kids, they are little sponges.   I really see this is true.  Maya takes a lot of info in. Even if she doesn't look like it at the beginning. She gets it.  Then she shows you her interpretation.  I wasn't sure if she was getting the idea of cheering, but then I saw her doing it in her own style.  She knew exactly what she was supposed to do.

Now I can't wait for Halloween. It will be interesting to see how she does with the trick or treating.  Like I said, every year gets better and better.  What a great adventure to be on.

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Michelle said...

She makes for such an adorable cheerleader!!!!
And I love that you were able to step back and observe her some this weekend!!!
And Hurray for Daddy for "cutting it off at the pass" before it could upset her with the song/cake!!!!