Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 for 21, Day 4 - 2012

More about the summer.

Every year we go to California to visit family/friends.  We even took Maya as early as six months old. The first time was in a car.  That was brutal.  Since then we have flown.  Every year keeps getting better.  Maya's always been a good traveler.  She does well on the airplane, thanks to my ipad, and she doesn't mind change in scenery or routine, too much.

Maya loves her cousins dearly.  I think part of that is that they pay so much attention to her and are willing to do pretty much anything to make her smile.  Our family friends adore her and luckily their dogs don't mind Maya too much.  Of course Maya loves doggies, but I noticed lately she thinks those dogs are horses.  The last two years instead of signing dog, like she did previous, she signs horse.  I think that is hilarious.

So this year we took a little road trip with the family.  We went to Angel Island for a day.  The weather was perfect, and we had a chance to do some hiking on the island.  For Maya the best part was hands down the ferry ride to the island.  She loved the wind blowing in her face.  The entire time she had a smile from ear to ear.  It was such a joy to see.

We went the next day up to the Russian River.  It was no surprise that Maya wanted to get into the water.  It was a little cold but she enjoyed playing in the water.  We spent a while there and even had a little lunch on the beach.  During that time we spent most of the time with Maya's cousin.  It seemed she was Maya's new best friend.  In my husband's culture they always refer to their cousins as brother or sister,  never do they really use a word that means cousin.  This is different then the way I was brought up, but it feels right for Maya and her cousin.  They really are like sisters. 

I'm grateful for that lesson.

Maya and Maya.

A little help from her sister.

On the ferry to Angel Island.

Oh the wind!  She loved it!

Russian River.

Deep thought on the river.

A hug from her uncle.

Quality time with her aunt.


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